RF Sputtering

The electromagnetic waves are generated by the radio frequency power supply. These waves enable the target material to ionize by creating a vibration frequency in the vacuum chamber through the matching box. The high frequency continuously makes the plasma discharge generated in the medium.

In this technique, a magnetic field is applied perpendicular to the electrical field in addition to the electrical field used to accelerate ionized noble gas atoms. Electrons move along the helical trajectory through the this applied magnetic field. Because the electrons extend their pathway through this helical trajectory, they increase the concentration on the target by doing collision with a larger number of neutral noble gas atoms during their movement. Therefore atom plucking process from a target occurs more intensively and plasma can be generated at lower pressures at the same time. Because reaching substrate of the electrons plucking from a target is prevented by the generated magnetic field, the film heating on the substrate is also prevented to some extent.


Advantages of the RF system;


  • It enables that the possibility of coating in a wide range of materials such as insulator, metal alloy and composite materials.
  • It provides low arc and prevents charge effects.
  • It provides the stable production process
  • High plasma efficiency
  • Production at low pressures
  • It enables smooth thin film production


In our company, the RF magnetic sputter system is produced by doing design for intended production and needs.