Fixed Holders

With the coating systems, a wide variety of properties can be gained such as reducing friction force and imparting thermal resistance to materials. In coating systems, the coating process can be carry out without deformation of products’ structure in the very different size and shapes. A special holder system need to used in order to carry out this process in a homogeneous structure. To give an example, it is difficult to get the desired yield from the product due to shadowing on the product or deposits on some regions when the special holder system is not used in the spiral, cylindrical or plane surfaces. The special holder design is an utility to prevent damage that may occur in the long-term in a sputter, plasma or chemical coatings.


In line with these issues, our company carries out the special holder designs according to coating system and coating materials. We are doing that the holder design for products of the desired shapes with fixed or rotary holder designs.


TVARC offers that solutions to the problems encountered in coating systems with the experience of coatings.