Boron Fiber

Boron fiber is generally used in the production of reinforced composite materials. Boron is used in refractory coatings, electronic materials and fiber reinforced polymer and metal matrix composites due to its high hardness, light weight, high tensile strength and high corrosion resistance. Boron is used in our system for the starting material. Boron fibers can be used in aerospace, space, armor. High quality fiber production is possible with TMA.

In nuclear reactors, heat, alpha and beta particles, gamma rays and neutrons are released as a result of fission of radioactive material. The most important materials used as shields to neutrons are hydrogen, lithium, polyethylene and water, and most of the materials used as shields emit secondary gamma rays, requiring heat reduction and re-shielding. Boron is unique in its ability to absorb thermal neutrons. It emits only a light gamma ray and easily absorbs alpha particles.


Our way

Traditional way

There is no need to supply gas to the system when performing fiber formation.

In order to form the fiber, gas must be supplied to the system.

When the core is coated with plasma, there is no need for additional heating.

Mercury amalgam should be used while providing the electricity required for coating to the tungsten core.

There is no toxic gas output during coating. Also, there are no chemical reactions during the formation of the fiber and therefore no toxic gas is released as a result of these reactions.

It has toxic gas outlet. It threatens human health and the environment.

Can work at high pressures.

This technic is not available.

Contaminated particles are continuously pumped out of the coated vacuum chamber.

This technic is not available.