Reduction of Friction

The friction which is one of the most basic problems of many different industry sectors is trying to solve in very different ways. Most of these solutions are processes need to temporary and repeat, but they are not as efficient as desired.
Solutions are sought for friction surfaces by semi-solid lubricants (grease) and liquid lubricants. But there are sectors that cannot be used in these solutions. The solid lubricant which is more efficient in these cases is used. The most efficient way of using solid lubricants is thin film coating method.
In today's technology, there are many CVD or PVD systems used in solid lubricant thin film production. Ceramic materials are generally used to reduce friction. For coating with ceramic materials, heat is needed in order to provide the adhesion to the material in these CVD or PVD systems. The heat requirement is not preferred because of the thermal expansion problem of metals.
Within the project of TUBITAK 1512 support program, our company has successfully reduced the friction on the surfaces with solid lubricants by doing nano-dimensional coatings for industrial production. In this project, h-BN, graphite, MoS2, and DLC are used as coating materials in thermionic vacuum arc system.
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